For most companies, sustainability may be a large mission to pursue. However, we distinguish ourselves by determining how a positive difference can be made in every step of our production process. This means taking our environmental impact into consideration from the day our ingredients are produced to the day they are delivered to you as tailor-made formulations.

Sustainability, therefore, has become our culture.

Environmentally Safe Materials

Besides committing to keeping our ingredients pure and natural, we also place great effort in monitoring the amount of nature-identical materials used in the process, in order to produce formulations that are safe for the environment.

Hand-Selected Partners

To become a better advocate for sustainability, it is not enough to evaluate only our own business processes, because it is equally crucial to work with partners who share the same view towards this concern. This is why strict evaluation is done based on ethical criteria when selecting our suppliers and principals, to prove that we are dedicated to work with environmentally sustainable business partners.

Independent Plantations

Having our privately operated plantations across the country enables us to fully maximize the local agricultural potentials that our communities have.

This gives us the capability to control the quality, the consistency, and the traceability of our ingredients, while environmental impacts are maintained.

Community welfare

Working in harmony with nature, we believe that the sustainability of our business also lies in the hands of the communities who bring our natural ingredients to life. That is the very reason why we intensely initiate programs that directly foster a better future for farmers, fishermen, and everyone else involved.

These programs include financially empowering them with more stable income, helping them gain access to clean water through locally built infrastructures, sending our in-house agronomists and plant- breeders to provide agricultural education, and help them rediscover their deep-rooted passion for cultivation by building safer working conditions and a stronger, more personal bond with their families.

In short, these communities don’t work for our success. We work for theirs.

Production Waste Processing

Instead of letting production wastes go unused, we recycle them into energy sources such as commercial fish feed, plant compost, biodegradable packaging, and other applications that eventually make our overall operations greener.


With nature at the core of our business, we take the opportunity to consistently give back to the planet and the communities through sustainable reforestation programs that re-establish a balanced biodiversity in the regions where we operate in.


When traceability has become a key requirement nowadays, our land plotting GPS technology has allowed us to reliably deliver natural ingredients that are constantly traceable right to their sources.