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By Bintang Kreasi Aroma / 18.02.2022 9:30

PT Bintang Kreasi Aroma has now been certified as an FSSC 22000 company by the certification body, Mutu International. This certification demonstrates our commitment to quality, by verifying that PT Bintang Kreasi Aroma meets all industry-related statutory and regulatory requirements as outlined by the FSSC International Standard 22000 for Food Safety Management Systems. In addition, it provides a framework for effectively managing an organization’s food safety responsibilities going forward.

FSSC 22000 was developed in response to the need of the international food sector for a complete certification scheme for the audit and certification of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS), consisting of the following elements : ISO 22000: 2018, ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 and Additional FSSC 22000 requirements (Version 5.1).


To embrace Indonesian local food trend, Bintang Kreasi Aroma create local culinary type of Rice Seasonings that will help customer to reduce their time in preparation.
Herewith our Rice Seasoning product line up that gives simplicity and more practical, and also come with great tasty result:

  • Nasi Kuning (steamed Yellow Rice), is a popular Indonesian fragrant rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric. And our Nasi Kuning Seasoning are well created with the authentic sweet taste and also accomplish with its unique characteristic of lemongrass, and a little touch of basil sensation.
  • Nasi Uduk (steamed Coconut Rice) is an Indonesian’s Malayu-style steamed rice, cooked in coconut milk dish. Our Nasi Uduk Seasoning also enriched with taste ingredients of umami, coconut, basil leaf and lemongrass sensation.
  • The famous Rendang’s cook is officially well recognized as Indonesian top five national dishes.
    It is a spicy meat dish which original from Indonesia, using coconut milk plus a paste of mixed ground spices, and its enjoy more by consuming with Rice. Understand the nature, BKA created combination of these two taste, called as Nasi Rendang (steamed Rendang Rice). To increase more appetite, our Nasi Rendang Seasoning follow with strong mix character of meaty, spicy, umami and salty.

Bintang Kreasi Aroma wins “MOST OUTSTANDING BOOTH” at FIA event 2018:

2018’s FIA event has been our 2nd time we had the privilege winning the prestigious award from FIA organizer. It’s been accomplishment for us to win award two times in a row as this year “Most Outstanding Booth” and also selected to won “Best Booth Design” at previous 2016 FIA event.
We were present various of new trends and applications with carnival theme ambiance, gathered visitors to tasted and shared ideas while met with our top notch sales team.
At the event we were also showcased a variety of delicacies from all over the world.
We were proud to present 2018’s exhibition with a carnival theme as our way to express a festive moment, when food is celebrated among the people. With 4 carousels of wonders, we had took the audience on a journey of tastes like never before.

See you again at FIA 2020, where it would be an exciting opportunity for us to present to you again new and exciting products that can be the next trendsetter in the future.

BKA’s new authentic Salted Egg savoury flavour and seasoning:

A well-balanced combination of smooth, authentic orange salty egg yolk with great umami taste will tempt someone to try more and more, especially in the seasoning of snacks application with potato/corn/cassava-based ingredients.

Our Salted Egg flavor is available in 2 variants: Original Salted Egg and Spicy Salted Egg in powder form, great result for culinary and baked goods.

BKA’s Meaty Booster:

Meaty taste is the key factor to allow producers to reduce the amount of real meat used in the meat processed products like sausage, meatball, nugget etc. and will give benefits as follows:

* Safe cost of production

* More stable end-product due to less meat

* Good meaty taste product that can still satisfy consumers

* Less aftertaste of meat that is more preferable by consumers

* Definitely enhance meaty note when Meaty Booster is added without reducing the amount of meat content.